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Anti-Money Laundering

The term money laundering means the illegal use of techniques to transfer money or monetary instruments originating from illegal activity (such as theft, fraud, drug trafficking or illegal gambling and other crimes and offences) funds and investments are disguised in activity appearing legal, in order to hide the source of these funds and/or their ownership.

We at KLMFX.COM our dedicated to work in accordance with international laws to combat money laundering, which applies to all the institutions and companies that give customers the possibilities of depositing or withdrawing money from their personal accounts. KLMFX.COM is committed to assisting all Governments in the fight against these methods of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorist activities throughout the world.


For that reason, KLMFX.COM Inc. follow’s different legal procedures to undergo money laundering laws

* The company's requests from all its customers to send in identification documents to identify the following the customer or investor:


1) An official document issued by the Government, legal validation documentation, such as a passport or identity card (ID card).

2) Notarized bank statement stating the name of the client and his trio (actual title) provided that the title is not older than 3 months.


In the absence of a bank account statement we may accept a regular utility or electricity bill, containing the customer's address and name and origin of the tripartite body or formal organization recognized internationally.


* For merchants who activated their accounts through Credit cards (Visa/MasterCard), they must send the same documents listed above in addition to the following:


Send image of the front of the card deposit with hide all numbers except card last 4 digits from the right with the full name on the card, and the card's back image with authorized signature in place.


* In addition, KLMFX.COM requests from its customer to fill in the application form, sign it and mail it to the company.

KLMFX.COM implementation of deposits and withdrawals operations as follows –



If deposit is made by credit card, we assume the card holder is in actuality the same person as the account holder, through a comparison between the registered name on the passport name on the card.

If you deposit via bank transfer, KLMFX assumes investors using their bank account are registered in his/her name, which is located in country of residence there for, customer is required to send image of remittance for verifying account addressee, if information does not correspond with the image of the remittance or mismatches data and information, the company shall cancel the deposit and return it directly to the same body adapter.



KLMFX Company is keen on implementing the withdrawal process completely transparently in the same way the depositing process occurred. That is, if deposited by credit card, you will be converting by the same card deposit, likewise in case of deposit via bank transfer you will transfer to the same bank account that the deposit was made from. if deposit was made by other electronic methods, withdrawals will be deducted from the same account from which the application occurred, as for profits, earnings will be converted by bank transfer to the bank account compliant with the client’s name, conversion will pass in the same State in which the deposit was made.

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