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1What is KLMFX?

KLMFX is the largest leading brokerage mediation company in the trading world via the Internet. KLMFX provides the opportunity for each person to enter the world of trading through its site and platforms and provides the possibility of communicating with senior strategy capital markets, and initiate the harvesting of exceptionally high monthly income. KLMFX surrounds its customers with security and safety from the beginning to the end of their investing journey, along with professional and personal support for each trader.

2Why Trade with KLMFX?

Dear trader, KLMFX Company has long aimed to ensure adequate trading conditions to all its customers, including:

1. Full insurance on client's money and accounts.

2. SSL protection system for the site and all its pages.

3. A favourable trading environment for all customers.

4. Dedicated account managers for each account.

5. KLMFX Cash Card (Visa & MasterCard), permitting you direct withdrawal.

6. Full support crew providing free services 24/7.

For more features, please click here.

3How do I contact KLMFX?

Dear trader, you can contact us anytime by calling one of our branches:

1. United Kingdom: - + 44 20 3514 2495 / + 44 20 3608 0906.
2. United State: - + 1 360 209 8834.
3. Bahrain: - + 973 16198699.
4. Cyprus: - + 357 250 30865.

Or by email to:-

By Fax at:-

+ 44 203 608 0910.

By what’s up at:-

+ 44 750 9755603.

And don't forget to communicate via live chat available to you at the home page.

Account Information

1How do I open trading account at KLMFX?

By Clicking Here, you can open your real account, it’s easy fast & secure. Immediately you will receive all your account information by mail. It only takes seconds in order to begin.

2What it is Islamic Account?

KLMFX designed this account specifically for anyone who prefers trading in accordance with Islamic law’s and its provisions without worry or fear.

We receive multiple opinions from trusted devout sources declaring and warranting the legitimacy of this account and its trade according to these features:

1. Islamic Trading account free from commissions and completely free of usurious interest.

2. commissions-free rollover deals for the next day.

3. Fixed Spread.

4. Special support 24/7.

For more information regarding the Islamic account please click here.

3I forget my User name / Password?

No need to worry, by clicking here you will go to a protected page belonging to the site which requires you to enter your email which you have previously registered, automatically your password with all your account data will directly be sent to your mail.

Deposit & Withdrawal

1How I can make a withdrawal at KLMFX?

The Withdrawal process is the simplest operation that can be performed. Simply login to your client area then go to withdrawal page, enter the amount to be withdrawn and the desired withdrawal method (credit card/bank transfer) finally confirm your request. we will directly process your request and set forth withdrawal procedure. checkout process may take 3-7 business days.

2Is there a Minimum/Maximum withdrawal amount by Credit Card?

Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount is $250, and the maximum withdrawal amount is $5000 per transaction.

3How to deposit in KLMFX?

KLMFX offers many options for depositing, (credit card/bank transfer/payment cards/Neteller). You can choose the means that best suits your depositing needs. The filing process is protected and secured by the SSL protection system as all of the sites pages.

4Which types of currencies may I deposit in?

Through KLMFX you can activate your account over different currencies, such as US dollar, EURO, POUND, YEN.

5What is the Minimum/Maximum deposit amount by Credit Card?

At KLMFX you can activate your account with the minimum deposit of $ 250. Which makes forex trading with KLMFX accessible to anyone.

The Maximum deposit amount is $5,000 per transaction.

6are there Limits for Depositing by Credit Card?

Yes, there are,

The limits are as follows:

1 Card per account holder / 10 transactions per card Per Month / $10,000 Max Deposit Amount per Card Per month.

7Can I register with KLMFX without deposit?

Of course anyone can register with KLMFX without depositing actual funds by activating the demo account tutorial and receiving the free introductory-course from our professionals along with a free trading area. To activate your free account please click here

Trading Information

1I'm new to trading, how do i start?

KLMFX strives to provide entire trading centres including courses, seminars and educational videos in addition to the economic calendar and technical analysis of the market and full the complete tools required to provide successful trading. First, you’ll need to activate a real account with KLMFX to qualify for the privileges only our team of professionals can offer.

2What platforms exist in KLMFX?

KLMFX provides the most literal and professional platforms for clients including Meta Trader 5 and Web Trader alongside applications for smartphones. All these platforms are easy to use and you can access them in one minute.

3What assets are available for trading at KLMFX?

KLMFX gives you access to the Forex market and the commodity market indicators and global equities. All these markets are available within one platform and one company. Click here to see the Asset index.

4What kind of leverage does KLMFX offer?

KLMFX provides access to leverage up to 1:800 through Platinum accounts and leverage 1:400 in gold, and the leverage of 1:200 in silver accounts.

5What is the minimum trade size for trading Forex?

Generally, the minimum trade size is 0.1 Lot, this size may change according to certain commodities.

6What are the trading hours in the market?

The market is available for trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, starting Sunday evening at 21:00 GMT extending to Friday 21:00 GMT.

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