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ForexIs a speculative market. FX trading volumes reach up to 4.5 trillion dollars a day.
LeverageIs a financial tool used in the Forex market to strengthen capital and intensify trading volume.
Stop-LostIs a financial tool used in the Forex market in order to minimize loss and to determine risk in advance.
Take-ProfitIs a financial tool used in the Forex market in order to determine a specific price at which the contract coincides with the ability to directly reaps profit.
Margin CallA margin call is usually activated when investment accounts lack sufficient liquidity to support open contracts.
Balance Of PaymentIt is a record that contains a statement of all transactions performed between States during a certain period.
CFTCIs an independent Agency autonomous of the United States governing future contracts.
PlatformIs the system used in the Forex market by investors to purchase and sell contracts, monitor price movements, carry out analyses and provide techniques which are essential to understanding the market.
Speculation returna common Word used to describe the activation of sell/buy contracts with the intent of gaining return profit in a short period.
InflationIs the term used when high level prices on goods coincide with low purchasing power.
CFD’sAre contracts of agreement between two parties named the ' buyer ' and the ' seller '.
RolloverA Commission charged to the investor paid to the mediator to rollover contract for the following day.
CommissionA trader fee paid to the broker in Exchange for providing trading services in the market.
SupportAre levels of asset prices in which prices cannot plummet.
Resistance Are high price levels of assets price cannot penetrate.
TrendIs a term defining the direction the open market is leading; it can be (ascent/descent).
Low PriceIs less than the rate received in the market on a particular asset during one day.
High PriceThe highest price the market reaches for a particular asset within one day.
Base CurrencyIs the first currency within a particular currency pair, this currency is defined by former. For example, in a USD/CHF currency pair the USD is the base currency.
Counter CurrencyA second currency within a particular currency pair. For example, in a USD/CHF currency pair, the CHF is the counter currency.
Free MarginIs the amount available in the account in which you can activate a certain number of new contracts.
Used MarginIs the amount of the broker’s reserved authorized account to activate a specific contract, this amount is determined by contract value and leverage available in the account.
LoonieIs the term given to the Canadian dollar (CAD)
BreakoutIs a term that expresses fracture in a certain level or price point of resistance/support.
Account ManagementIs an agreement between the investor and the broker in relevance to client’s portfolio management. percentage of Commission off of profit is determined by correspondence with the broker in Exchange for service and administration.
Technical AnalysisTechnical analysis is the study and analysis of price fluctuations and trading volumes based on graphs in order to predict future market movements.
Fundamental AnalysisFundamental analysis is the analysis and evaluation of the economic situation of a given entity and a means to help forecast the intrinsic value of a particular investment.
Short-term short-term trading deals that are activated and closed the same day
Ask priceprice of purchase.
Biding priceprice of sale
Opening priceIs the initial price traded upon during a specified time period.
Closing priceIs the final price traded upon during a specified time period.
BuyIs the process of buying the currency pair, so you buy the base currency and sell the counter currency
SellSales of currency pair, where you sell the base currency and buy the counter currency
SpreadsThe difference between the Asking and Biding price
SwissyIs a general term given to Swiss franc (CHF)
KiwiA generic term given to the New Zealand dollar (NZD)
CableIs a general term given to the currency pair (GBP/USD)

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