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Islamic Account:

There are a lot of devout Muslim traders who are afraid of falling into the usurious interest, therefore KLMFX designed this account specifically for anyone who wants trading in accordance with the Islamic law and its provisions without any worry or fear.

We get more than one opinion from trusted sources declaring and disclosing the legitimacy of these accounts and its trade according to these features:


1. Islamic Trading account free from commissions and completely free of usurious interest.

2. commissions-free rollover deals for the next day.

3. Fixed Spread.

4. Special customer support 24/7.

5. No fees or hidden conditions previously undeclared.

6.  Maintaining stable contracts for indefinite period in advance.

7. Immediate and free access to the various trading platforms.

8. Specified leverage

9. Immediate trading exchange for prompt deals.

10. Finalising sell/buy deals for actual encashment.


Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us If You Have Any Additional Questions.



KLMFX klmfx كي ال ام اف اكس

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