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Privacy Policy

KLMFX.COM Company is keen on customer security and privacy. any personal information is protected and preserved in utter discretion. such information takes first place on our company’s priority list and the privacy policy statement, which explains clearly the entailment of the collection of information process for each customer and the measures taken to protect such information.


KLMFX.COM staff take all security measures and high-quality encryption system managing along with impenetrable security systems to keep you browsing our website smoothly and safely, doing all transactions according to protocols for secure and protected trading. Using the username and password to login to your area reduces the possibility of penetration of your account.


You must keep the password you selected to access our website secure and not disclose it to anyone, and you should change your password from time to time to keep your money and your personal information in a guarded.


Please refrain from giving out your personal information or account number or password to any person claiming they are part of the KLM crew or in any way connected to KLMFX. If you encounter an incidence of sorts please contact our support staff directly and immediately. Dear customer when selecting a password please choose a sequence difficult to guess or predict, don't forget to log out of your account when trading session is completed.

The first step taken to begin trading is to open an account, requiring you to enter personal data such as: first name, last name, email address, phone number, create your own password, place of residence (State) in addition to other particulars that need to be provided by you. KLMFX will strive to maintain all your data formal or personal including profession, age and marital status under complete confidentiality.


We may request of you to send in a copy of your ID card and/or passport along with a personal photograph, in accordance to policies, laws or regulations. In addition, sometimes we may require additional financial information, such as investment experience, risk tolerance, or any other records that may be required by law.


KLMFX Company may request such information and documentation to obtain beneficial use in the trading account and the ability to easily practice trade, there is no obligation on your part to provide such documents, but if not provided, there will be no possibility of continuing to activate your account and begin trading through our online system, furthermore it is worth mentioning that you should keep us informed if there has been any changes, Accordingly, your profile will be updated as required by law.


KLMFX.COM requests this data for the operation of the services and to avoid fraud and defend our legal compliance regarding our services.


KLMFX.COM Privacy policy statement guarantees you and every customer that we cannot and will not sell, rent, or trade your information, and will not disclose such information unless you are notified and delegated on following conditions or for the purposes set out above. We share information with companies and other persons processing your personal information or associate with banks and clearing houses to provide products and services you need.


When there is suspicion of fraud or attempted breach in respect of trading done by user, the privacy policy allows us to disclose private data as needed, including credit reference and fraud detection agencies. The same is true for international and national enforcement bodies, laws and regulations in compliance with the courts demand formal documentation as a renowned process.


Apart from these situations, when you trade with KLMFX.COM, all your data is reasonably safe to a certain level. exclusively when there is a mandatory need we must disclose such details for legal purposes in the event legal action that needs to be taken.


The privacy of children under the legal age limit.


When you use this site, you declare that you are over the age of 18 years and you are committed to the laws enforced in order to register and participate in the trading system. If you are under the age of 18 years, you must immediately stop using the site and inform us immediately, our staff will take the necessary measures in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations that apply to you and your data.


Regardless of previous text, and in order to protect children's privacy, KLMFX never collects or solicits information from users under the age of 13. we commit ourselves on no page or any part of the website to attract anyone under the age of 13 years nor do we intend to collect or retain any information of this kind to comply with the children's Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) or any other law, under its jurisdiction.


Change privacy policy statement for KLMFX.COM


This statement of our privacy policy may change from time to time according to the binding company or its amended version or updated statements we may post on the site, and /or sole inform you through your e-mail with any changes.


Please note that any and all use of the site, pages and are services subjected to the terms and conditions, which may be modified or updated or developed from time to time by the KLMFX.COM Company, according to new assessments.



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