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Risk Disclosure

Disclosure Policy and clarification risks


KLMFX.COM Company strives to provide the best tools for trading to all its customers by displaying conditions and directory for your trading climate, non the less it is worth mentioning that the KLMFX.COM site does not offer and does not regulate any advice regarding your investments.


It's also worth mentioning that the KLMFX.COM site allows Clients to trade on investment contracts and large size deals and speculation which could involve high risk resulting in loss or capital loss, as this type of trading is not suitable for all traders alike, responsibility of understanding and learning

About the risk involved falls on the client’s shoulders it’s the customers job to investigate and consider the risks involved before commencing trade.

In addition, when starting trade, you agree that investments, securities, trade, and other financial transfers in KLMFX.COM website may bear new financial tools and methods previously unexposed or have not been used in trading in any stock or exchange of investment before. Investments can be easily investigated.


Some may include risks relating to services as follows: all contracts and investment securities are subject to significant risk which might affect capital and cause loss, this issue is up to evaluation and cannot be determined in advance accurately and effectively.


It is generally recognized that the use of financial instruments in circulation may exhibit high risk on the investment ratio of other shapes commonly used in investment (such as securities/debt/collective investment schemes).


KLMFX.COM cannot guarantee and does not promise to quaint work your expected profit is received with us or even any part of Americana. It is also worthwhile to note that the value of your investments and the amount of profit derived from such investments can 4,190 or dipping every moment, but it is not guaranteed.


trading with Forex and/or with contracts for difference (CFD's), may involve large amounts of speculation and carries a substantial amount of risk to all without exception, which might lead to  partial loss of the capital or loss of the whole capital invested by traders, so you Dear customer must be aware of the Registrar and  must obtain the considerable knowledge of this type of investment and its risk, Therefore it is preferable not to invest an amount that may conflict with a capital or an amount which you could not afford to lose, as it is important to be aware of the system trading on margin and the seriousness this entails and agree under this statement that you’re in full knowledge of the above risks.


Based on the above high risk trading in this statement, we as a company do not offer any guarantees whether implicit or explicit that you will achieve any profit no matter how small or big, you may lose part or all capital Invested or deposited on your own.


KLMFX.COM does not assume any liability concerning the accuracy of the information or content provided by third parties. Any use of this website or any pages thereof is subject to its terms and conditions which can be changed by the KLMFX.COM website team from time to time on its sole or private authority.


It is possible and likely to bear part of the capital loss or total loss of all your capital and your investment when trading, profitability is subject to the market’s fast moving and changing circumstance, don't invest if you are not able to bear the loss.

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